2016 looking a bit like 1964

Do you recognize this?  The Democrat promises not to send ground troops to a foreign place and warns that the GOP candidate is unfit or does not have the temperament to be president.   I am not talking about 2016 – I'm talking about 1964!  This is from Kenneth T. Walsh: The 1964 campaign was also noteworthy because Democrats pioneered the kind of negativity that has become a staple of American politics ever since.  They succeeded in scaring the country into opposing Goldwater, a conservative senator from Arizona who was portrayed as extremely far right and warlike.  In one famous TV ad, the Johnson campaign showed a little girl in a flower-filled meadow. In the commercial, the girl suddenly looked up and a mushroom cloud appeared on the screen. Johnson's voice was then heard saying "These are the stakes" – an obvious suggestion that Goldwater would blunder into a nuclear war.  The ad was so...(Read Full Post)