Why isn't Hillary Clinton 50 points behind?

Hillary Clinton has said that her supporters wonder why she isn't 50 points ahead of Donald Trump.  I wonder why she isn't 50 points behind.  In fact, I wonder why any Democrat isn't 50 points behind.  And it isn't because I disagree with their policies – I do, but there's a more fundamental issue.  It's because I actually am a democrat.  Please note: I wrote not "Democrat," but "democrat."  I don't believe in big government; I believe in democracy.  And I think at least 75% of Americans believe in it, too – or at least, they say they do.

But a lot of them have to be lying.  Because if you believe in democracy, then it is your first priority.  If you say you believe in democracy, but, in order to help pass a particular policy, you commit voter fraud, then you don't believe in democracy – you believe in that particular policy that you want to see passed, and you don't care how it's done.  That doesn't make you a democrat; that makes you a tyrant. 

Most people who call themselves Democrats are in fact benevolent tyrants.  This is because it has been clear for a long time that Democrats place the enactment of policy over democracy.  It's clear Democrats are committing voter fraud.  What other reason is there to oppose the cleaning of the voter rolls?  Or to oppose requiring voter IDs?  They say there's no "significant" voter fraud.  Even if we accept that, the inane logic is that we should lock our doors only when we know we're going to be robbed.

No more than 25% of the people can be stupid enough to believe the reasons they give.  For the rest, those reasons are simply fig leaves.  As if it would be too impolite to simply say, "Well, yes, we do oppose these things because it would make it harder for us to commit voter fraud – but so what?  What are you going to do about it, chump?"

At least 75% of the people really understand that that is what is going on.  Yet many of those 75% believe themselves to be fine upstanding citizens – honest people, and supporters of democracy.  So how can the "Democratic" nominee, Hillary Clinton, not be behind by about 50 points?

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