Cruz and Kasich: One endorses Trump, the other stays silent

Senator Ted Cruz announced he will vote for Donald Trump...but where is John Kasich?  We need Cruz and Kasich to unify the party to defeat the Bubbas.  Cruz has honored his pledge; it is time for Kasich to step up and honor his pledge by endorsing Trump.

Trump responded in a gracious manner, thanking Cruz.  Cruz's vote, while not a formal endorsement, is a practical endorsement that should convince some of the NeverTrumps to vote for Trump.  The Republicans can win only if they are united to get the vote out, especially in the battleground states.

There is talk that Trump may nominate Cruz to the Supreme Court.  There is no question that Cruz is a brilliant attorney and constitutional scholar with conservative limited-government principles.  Appointing Cruz to the Supreme Court would be a smart move for both Trump and Cruz.  Cruz could accomplish more on the Court than in the Senate.

 Ohio is a key state that Trump must win.  Kasich is a popular governor in Ohio, and as governor, he has control and influence over the state Republican apparatus that elected him governor.  He knows the county chairmen and the fundraisers.  Kasich took a pledge to endorse and vote for the Republican nominee; he has refused to do so.  He will hurt his political future if he does not endorse Trump.

Kasich's endorsement of Trump would boost Trump in Ohio to help him win.

Kasich should endorse Trump now, before the first debate, and it would be a good follow up on Cruz's announcement to unify the Republican Party.  The focus must be on defeating Hillary. 

Kasich may decide whether Hillary or Trump appoints judges to the Supreme Court. 

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