Twice the Citizen: Astronaut edition

A short while ago, I penned an article called "Twice the Citizen" to commemorate the career of a great Army Reserve officer.  Here is another stellar Army officer: my West Point classmate, Colonel (ret.) Jeff Williams. Colonel Williams has had a stellar career, most recently culminated in being the longest serving American in space.  According to NASA, he has 534 cumulative days in space, the record for U.S. astronauts.  He has under his belt four space missions (one space shuttle and three space station).  Also from NASA, he was the first U.S. astronaut to perform three long-term missions to the station.  He has performed five spacewalks for a total of 31 hours and 55 minutes spent spacewalking. Here is a photo of Jeff taken as he returned from his most recent mission as the commander of the International Space Station.  Note the USMA Class of 1980 ball cap. Colonel Williams's career began with mine, back in July 1976 as we...(Read Full Post)