Trump maternity leave proposal is pro-family and conservative

Donald Trump proposes six weeks of maternity leave paid through the unemployment fund.  Unemployment programs have much waste, with people riding out the full one year or more and then finding a job only when unemployment payments end.  End the payments by six weeks, and that will fund maternity leave. Maternity leave is a conservative idea because it strengthens families and helps children during the first six weeks of life.  It is consistent with a pro-life position of opposing abortion and providing school vouchers and tax breaks for families. Our tax code has numerous pro-family provisions such as deductions for children: adoption, college expenses, home mortgage and interest, health insurance premiums, and medical costs, among others.  All these tax deductions and credits reflect a public policy to strengthen families. The tax code forces us to pay, and the government decides which of our expenses receives a tax...(Read Full Post)