Trump in Mexico: The hysteria continues

In Spanish, we say that someone will pay for the broken dishes – i.e., "pagar los platos rotos."  It's sort of like saying someone will get blame for a bad idea.   We just learned that the person paying for "los platos rotos" in Mexico is Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s finance minister.  He will pay the political price, especially now that Mrs. Clinton has left President Peña-Nieto without a Democrat to share the stage with.  My guess is that President Peña-Nieto had hoped to use Mrs. Clinton and gang up on Mr. Trump.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton is not traveling to Mexico, and the plan has backfired.     Here is the news from Mexico: The resignation comes a week after the meeting between Mr. Peña Nieto and Donald J. Trump, which engendered widespread dismay and anger among Mexicans and reportedly divided Mr. Peña Nieto’s cabinet. It was Mr. Videgaray’s idea to...(Read Full Post)