They attack us, and we aren’t supposed to notice

Noticing and mentioning terrorist attackers is now considered – by the left and Hillary Clinton – giving comfort to the enemy.  Where in the history of the world has this ever been true? Hillary and the left are pouncing on the alleged impact of Donald Trump mentioning radical Islam in discussions surrounding the recent bombings and attacks on our citizenry.  The suggestion is that Trump’s choice of words recruits more terrorists. Playing nice with your enemies and guarding their feelings now takes its place next to microaggressions, safe zones, and multisex bathroom usage. File this idiocy with the rhetoric surrounding the closing of Gitmo, that Gitmo is a “recruiting tool” for ISIS.  The skewed logic concludes that by closing the facility, the acrimony will abate, that recruitment for ISIS will decline, and that the placation will have the desired effect. Lost on the left is the cold, hard fact that as the population of...(Read Full Post)