The progressive way of growing the economy

Something overlooked in the immigration debate is that the huge numbers of illegal immigrants allowed into the country over the years are very good for business.  Rather than cutting taxes and regulations, the progressive solution is to simply import more customers.  Businesses are in the business of being profitable, and most of that comes from increasing the number of people using their products and services.  This goes a long way in explaining why the Walmarts, Starbuckses, and Targets of the world are so liberal in their public profiles.  Immigrants become eligible for food stamps either when they have children in the United States or through the widespread use of forged documents, which no one seems to care or do anything about.  This allows them to use their EBT cards to buy groceries from the local Walmart or other goods from Target and so on.  Why in the world would corporate America have a problem with these scenarios? Money is...(Read Full Post)