The Party of Compassion runs a sick woman

Hillary Clinton has been seriously stressed for most of her adult life, and since 2012, when she had her fall and sustained close-to-the-brain damage, she has been looking more and more impaired. The Benghazi crisis broke on September 11, 2012, right before the second Obama election.  We have finally been told that Hillary was out of the decision loop on the night of Benghazi, because her closest aide, Huma Abedin, told her protective detail that she had to sleep instead of answering the phone.  The worst command failure on that crucial night was Washington's non-response to many urgent calls for help, followed by a top decision to tell the military "in extremis" rescue teams to stand down and do nothing.  Ambassador Stevens was "in extremis" (close to death), and the commander-in-chief did nothing.  The SecState was asleep for medical reasons.  Those decisions had to come from the top because they countermanded longstanding...(Read Full Post)