The next debate cannot come soon enough

No one will be surprised to learn that the mainstream media, including Fox News, declared Clinton the winner of last night's debate.  Why on Earth would the media question their absolute authority over "the people" now?  This mass media of ours continues to believe that it controls, that it has the right to control, our every thought and action.  In their view, it is up to them to tell us how and what to think, even to the extent that they need to explain to us what we just heard from the two candidates for the presidency: their version or our lying eyes.  Their arrogance and cluelessness mystify the majority of Americans.  Who are these people?  From where comes their absolute belief in their own righteousness? Hillary was, of course, slick and shiny.  She had memorized everything she was meant to after about sixteen mock debates.  So she was polished like a brass lamp.  Trump did...(Read Full Post)