The next debate cannot come soon enough

No one will be surprised to learn that the mainstream media, including Fox News, declared Clinton the winner of last night's debate.  Why on Earth would the media question their absolute authority over "the people" now?  This mass media of ours continues to believe that it controls, that it has the right to control, our every thought and action.  In their view, it is up to them to tell us how and what to think, even to the extent that they need to explain to us what we just heard from the two candidates for the presidency: their version or our lying eyes.  Their arrogance and cluelessness mystify the majority of Americans.  Who are these people?  From where comes their absolute belief in their own righteousness?

Hillary was, of course, slick and shiny.  She had memorized everything she was meant to after about sixteen mock debates.  So she was polished like a brass lamp.  Trump did none of that.  His decision was, apparently, that he won the nomination by being who he is – Trump unplugged so he went with that last night.  He was good, as most polls will certify.  He could have done better; he could have gone after Clinton's many, many scandals and lies, but he barely touched upon them.  But he still won hands down on the economic questions.  Too bad they never addressed immigration and Hillary's intention to import a half a million Middle Eastern Muslims, some of them sure to be terrorists in waiting.

The 24-hour talking heads are giving the win to her.  But check out the many online polls: he won hands down with the millions of people who watched.  He nailed her on responsibility for ISIS.  He eviscerated her on trade deals that harm American workers.  He won on how to keep business here and bring off-shore money back.  Still, he was holding back  on her criminal email scandal that was an orchestrated attempt to cover up her crimes of selling access to the State Department.  She sold access, preference, and contracts to the highest bidder, foreign and domestic.  

He did not go after her foreign policy failures as hard as he might have.  There are too many to address in one debate.  The tragedy that is Benghazi never came up; it must next time.  He did not go after her lifetime of lying and criminality or the giant fraud that is the Clinton Foundation.  Perhaps he is saving that for the next debate.  He had better get to it; he has left an awful lot yet to be exposed in a debate setting.

Trump is the law and order candidate, and clearly, when Black Lives Matter is calling for "police-free communities," law and order is needed across the nation.  Trump has been endorsed by ICE, the Police Union, and most of the military men and women who have been fired by Obama for offering advice with which the president disagreed.  Obama does not listen; he fires people who disagree with him.  

Obama's and Hillary's support has been eroded by their sympathy for the criminal underclass and their refusal to utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism."  They both leap to the conclusion that the police acted rashly whenever a black person is killed in an incident of law vs. order, and they rush to the press after a terrorist attack to say it was not terrorism or Islamic when it is clear to everyone that it was.  They chatter on about gun control but say nothing about the thousands of black people killed in Chicago and elsewhere by other black people.  They never wait to learn, nor do they care about the facts on the ground.

We all have sympathy for those trapped in a cycle of poverty, drugs, and violence inculcated by the policies of the left over the past fifty years, but Obama's willingness to give them free rein to riot is not acceptable.  Thanks to Obama's acquiescence, riots in our inner cities are the new normal.  All communities want peace and safety in their neighborhoods.  All communities deserve safety and national security.  We do not have that under Obama and will not under a Clinton administration.  The importation of hundreds of thousand of refugees from the Middle East and an open border to our south will most certainly bring more death and destruction.  It takes only a few among thousands to wreak murderous havoc.  Think Fort Hood; San Bernardino; Garland, Texas; Orlando; Dallas; New Jersey; New York, etc.  There are many other terrorist incidents within our borders that have gained less attention. 

Trump missed numerous opportunities to prove Clinton unqualified for the office she seeks, but he did well for a novice on this particular stage.  He needs to do better next time, and he needs to mount some lethal ads that expose Hillary for who she is: a nasty piece of work who will intentionally take this country farther down the road to Marxist socialism than Obama already has.  Not only will she sell us out to the highest bidder, but she will be sure to make money on the deal.  Trump is the good guy; she is a future nightmare if elected.  If she becomes president, the United States will be unrecognizable as the country founded in 1789 by a group of brilliant, selfless men who debated for thirteen years and wrote the finest document ever written. 

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