Shock: An Obama relative who supports Trump!

Malik Obama, Obama's half-brother who resides in Kenya, announced that he supports Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton: "I will support Donald Trump because he is a humble and honest guy," the president's half brother, Malik Obama, told USA TODAY. "He is a guy who can help people. It's an opportunity for Americans to give Trump a chance to become president." "I don't like (Hillary) Clinton," Malik Obama added, ignoring his relative's strong support for the Democratic candidate. "She is dishonest and a liar. She keeps on lying about emails every time." This is evidence that one of the Obamas cares for the welfare of the United States. Trump should film and ad with Malik.  Malik has analyzed the two candidates succinctly and more accurately than have the mainstream media and the vast majority of the paid pundits.(Read Full Post)