Regional election defeat raises questions about Merkel's future

German chancellor Angela Merkel received an electoral shock over the weekend when her CDU party finished third in a regional election in the north German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Her ruling coalition got 19% of the vote, compared to the Social Democrats, who won about 30%.  Finishing a surprise second was the nationalist AfD party with 21% of the vote. The results raise questions about Merkel's future and whether she can remain viable leading up to national elections next year. CNBC: Although Merkel's open-door policy and leadership at the height of Europe's migrant crisis attracted praise from some quarters, there is growing disquiet with the policy in Germany's public and political sphere -- including within Merkel's own governing "grand coalition" made up of the CDU, Christian Social Union (CSU) and SPD, which is a junior partner in the governing alliance. The political beating that the CDU took this...(Read Full Post)