Philippine president calls Obama an SOB

Obama's adventures in diplomacy continued on his Asian trip.  First he was disrespected in China when his hosts refused to roll out the red carpet for him. Then Philippine president  Rodrigo Duterte angrily denounced the American leader for criticizing his murderous "war on drugs" that has left 2,400 people dead, referring to Obama as a "son of a b----." Obama promptly canceled a scheduled meeting with Duterte, which forced the Philippine government to issue a statement of regret. Reuters: The tiff between the two allies overshadowed the opening of a summit of East and Southeast Asian nations in Laos. It also soured Obama's last swing as president through a region he has tried to make a focus of U.S. foreign policy, a strategy widely seen as a response to China's economic and military muscle-flexing. He said in a speech as the summit got under way that his push to make the United States a key player in Asia-Pacific...(Read Full Post)