Pelosi: Clinton emails 'technicalities'

Rep. Nancy Pelosi told "CBS This Morning" that the public shouldn't be concerned about "technicalities" related to the Clinton email scandal and that it was "much ado about nothing, but too much ado."

Washington Examiner:

Pelosi, on CBS' "This Morning," had been asked about an FBI report released last week, in which Clinton repeatedly said she couldn't recall key details and events related to classified information procedures.

The agency had investigated her use of a private server over concerns that she improperly transmitted classified information. It concluded that more than six dozen email chains contained classified information at the time they were sent and there appeared to have been hacking attempts on her server.


Clinton's sloppy emailing of classified information on unsecured servers, and the recently discovered fact that she used special anonymous shredding software to delete them beyond retrieval after they were subpoenaed by Congress, have pushed public mistrust and disapproval of the Democratic presidential candidate to their lowest ever.

The FBI findings refueled attacks by Republicans, who say Clinton's use of a private server and her dismissal of her actions prove she's dishonest and negligent with national security concerns.

But Pelosi said Monday that voters "shouldn't be that concerned," because authorities haven't found evidence that her emails were actually hacked.

"The fact is that whatever it was that Hillary dealt with in that manner had no threat to our security," Pelosi said, calling the discussion over her emails a "distraction" from more important topics as Congress returns to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday for the fall legislative session.

Clinton surrogates have been spreading out across the cable news nets trying to put out the fire. Their dismissal that there is nothing to the email scandal is belied by the daily revelations that have been pouring out of the FBI report.

When in doubt, they just flat out lie, as in Pelosi's case when she contradicted experts and the FBI in claiming there was "no threat to our security." Of course there was a threat, and Pelosi knows it. But as long as no one calls her out on her lies, the gullible public swallows the story whole.

This scandal appears to have legs and is dragging Clinton's poll numbers down. Nervous Democrats are wondering where her bottom is. The truth is - no one has any idea.