CNN host flabbergasted to learn Clinton aides destroyed devices with hammers

The fact that Hillary Clinton aides used a hammer to destroy some of the 18 mobile devices the candidate used with her private server didn't surprise people who have been following the Clintons for decades.

It did, however, shock CNN host Brooke Baldwin, who fact-checked the claim on the air.

Watch Baldwin's face as the truth dawns on her.

There are probably details from the interview that got lost because the FBI conveniently forgot to record the interview and relied on handwritten notes from agents.  But what came out was bad enough.  Hillary Clinton couldn't recall most details about her email server, what devices she used, and pleaded forgetfulness due to a concussion regarding other issues.  But she doesn't have to worry about backlash from the revelations because of the attitude in the media, exemplified by the CNN host who couldn't imagine Clinton aides destroying devices with a hammer.

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