Open borders zealot Loretta Lynch contributing to heroin overdoses

If the Obama administration is out to make heroin the #1 drug of choice in the United States, it couldn't be doing a better job.  How?  By ignoring its open borders policy and placing the majority of blame for the opioid "epidemic" on the nation's physicians.

Designating September 18-23 as National Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch told USA Today the DOJ will enlist federal prosecutors to share information on overprescribing doctors in order to curb the use of painkillers.

This is a twofer for the regime.  First, much as the war on cops has led to increased federal involvement in local law enforcement matters, demonizing all doctors for a few bad apples means more government control over our health care.

Second, emphasizing prescription drug abuse distracts the public from our unsecured borders and the free flow of illegals and drugs into the country. 

The transport and distribution of heroin is a lot easier when border patrol and local law enforcement personnel are told essentially to ignore the drug mules, gang members, and illegals walking into our country.

Open borders means more heroin.  Naturally, prices drop, and the market expands.  In this way, Lynch and the Department of Justice have been instrumental in fueling the heroin "epidemic."  According to the CDC, "in 2013, an estimated 517,000 persons reported past-year heroin abuse or dependence, a nearly 150 percent increase since 2007."

Lynch, speaking at a Massachusetts Medical Society summit a year ago, focused solely on prescription drugs, doctor shopping, and disrupting online "pill mills."  A.G. Lynch boasted about using "every civil, criminal, and administrative tool to dismantle illegal traffic in pharmaceutical controlled substances."  She assured her audience of medical professionals she will prosecute those physicians who over-prescribe opioids.   

We won a conviction in a 49-count case against a former heart surgeon in Georgia who aggressively prescribed controlled narcotics to patients who were addicted to them and who, at one point, received more Oxycodone pills than any other doctor in the state.

If only Lynch's DOJ, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency would be as tenacious and resolute when it comes to stopping drug traffickers at the border.

Not one time in her address did Lynch mention securing our southern border.  It's quite an omission, considering that most heroin is smuggled into our country from Mexico, according to the DEA.

The president of the Laredo, Texas chapter of the National Border Patrol Council stated that "every single illegal alien that comes into the country goes through the hands of a drug cartel."  The U.S Drug Enforcement Administration, an agency under Lynch's supervision, wrote in its 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary that seven Mexican drug cartels control nearly all of the U.S. heroin market.

Lynch is expected to announce a new strategy memo to combat the opioid and heroin problem in the U.S.  As her boss cuts prison sentences for known drug dealers, and as she refuses to stop illegals from crossing the border with backpacks full of heroin, we can safely assume that doctors seem to be the only ones in Lynch's crosshairs.