Open borders zealot Loretta Lynch contributing to heroin overdoses

If the Obama administration is out to make heroin the #1 drug of choice in the United States, it couldn't be doing a better job.  How?  By ignoring its open borders policy and placing the majority of blame for the opioid "epidemic" on the nation's physicians. Designating September 18-23 as National Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch told USA Today the DOJ will enlist federal prosecutors to share information on overprescribing doctors in order to curb the use of painkillers. This is a twofer for the regime.  First, much as the war on cops has led to increased federal involvement in local law enforcement matters, demonizing all doctors for a few bad apples means more government control over our health care. Second, emphasizing prescription drug abuse distracts the public from our unsecured borders and the free flow of illegals and drugs into the country.  The transport and...(Read Full Post)