Note to Obama: We don't need the Saudis

Obama has threatened to veto a bill passed by Congress that would allow victims of September 11 to sue Saudi Arabia for damages.  Currently, victims can sue countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran, Syria, and Sudan.  Saudi Arabia is not a designated state sponsor, so this legislation is necessary to allow the victims and families of the victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Obama's excuse is that this will harm our relations with the Saudis and may allow other countries to sue the USA for its conduct in the war on terror, such as drone attacks that kill civilians. First, just because the victims can sue does not mean they will win.  They will need to submit evidence that there is a causal connection between the Saudi government and the attack.  They may find such evidence through discovery by depositions and subpoenas with aggressive attorneys pursuing the case.  At this point, we do not know what the Saudis did, and we have only...(Read Full Post)