Liberals rejoice over legalization of child prostitution in California

Social justice warriors everywhere rejoiced at the news that California has decriminalized, or effectively legalized, child prostitution.   After all, prostitution is basically a victimless crime, right?  And progressives have spoken loudly about emptying jails of "non-violent" offenders.  What could be more non-violent than the lifestyle of an underage sex worker? 1) It is widely acknowledged that young girls generally have equal bargaining power with their pimps; accounts of pimps beating their whores are purely anecdotal and not rooted in fact. 2) Young girls have very controlled encounters with their clients.  They go to an alley, or a deserted basement, or the bathroom of a McDonald's, and as the client and child sex worker disrobe, the client asks, at every step, "May I touch you here?  May I touch you there?" in compliance with directives for having sex on college campuses. 3) Young girls who catch hepatitis, herpes,...(Read Full Post)