Is Hillary setting a trap for Trump?

Hillary may not be a great politician on the stump, as she has admitted, but Bill+Hill+that enormous staff know a lot of P.R. tricks.  One trick could be called the "broken wing strategy," after ground-nesting birds that lead hunting foxes and cats away from the nest by pretending to have a broken wing.  The thing is to create the impression of weakness, and then rise from the near-dead. There is something very odd about those videos with Hillary on her airplane looking exhausted and wearing what could be a hospital  gown.  The Clintons are professional liars, and they never, ever, admit anything bad about themselves.  These "broken wing" videos have to be a deception strategy, because everything they do is a deception strategy. My prediction is that (on top of real health issues), Hillary is showing too much of a broken wing. There is no way for her to fake those neurological head-bobs, and her coughing spells are...(Read Full Post)