Hillary’s body double: Am I nuts, or what?

I remember that old saw: "just because you're paranoid that don't mean they're not out to getcha." Well, just because it's an internet meme, that don't mean Hillary ain't got a body double. I viewed the video at the New York Post thinking I'd get a laugh at the expense of conspiracy nuts, but what I got was a shocking wake-up! My old eyes and mind are no longer sharp enough to pick up all the nuances of facial and earlobe comparisons, but what really caught my attention was the absence of a Secret Service detail, of police protection, of a motorcade, and of Mrs. Clinton's entourage as well as the presence of numerous bystanders and passing vehicles. These screenshots are telling: But wait! There's more! There's a video of "Hillary" walking away from which I took this shot: Not really being a gentleman, I ask: is this the "Cankles" we've all come to know and love? And then...(Read Full Post)