Hillary helped up stairs again at Temple University speech

It is now obvious that Hillary Clinton is in no shape for the rigors of campaigning, much less the killing responsibilities of the presidency.  Where’s the compassion? Hillary Clinton was spotted by Getty Images photographer Justin Sullivan being helped up stairs at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she was making a speech supposedly making a pitch to millenials.  But if any suburban moms happened to catch her on the local news and decide to vote for her instead of Trump, why, that would be welcome. But the image of a presidential candidate being helped up stairs, again, is the last thing she needs. We are not allowed to publish Getty images, so I must direct you to Gateway Pundit to see the picture, but under the fair use doctrine, publication of the caption probably will not result in a lawsuit: PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 19: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is helped up stairs after delivering a...(Read Full Post)