NBC's Matt Lauer gives his all for Hillary

At the Commander in Chief Forum Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton again insisted that she did not receive any emails marked top secret, or confidential, or classified.  This is in direct conflict with FBI director Comey's report that she received emails marked with a "C" for "confidential."  Hillary said she respectfully disagreed with Comey, which shows that not only is Hillary corrupt and a liar, but she is also an ingrate.  Comey gave her a pass, and she is using this pass to mean that she did nothing wrong. Matt Lauer repeatedly asked Donald Trump what experience he has to be commander in chief, asking him what he has done and read.  Of course, Lauer and the rest of the MSM did not ask what qualified Obama and Bill Clinton to be commander in chief.  Trump answered that he has experience as a CEO in delegating power and reviewing facts to make decisions and that he has consulted with many admirals and generals.  Trump tried to...(Read Full Post)