Charlotte riots, Tulsa doesn’t

As anyone with a pulse knows, there were two police shootings this past week; two African-American men were killed by officers, one in Tulsa, Okla., one in Charlotte, N.C.  The man killed in Tulsa did not have a gun, but the white female officer believed he was reaching for one and fired.  The police say the man in Charlotte did have a gun and a permit to carry it, and one was found near his body, apparently with his prints and DNA.  But the videos shot on the scene do not definitively show what happened.  His wife can be heard saying, "Get out of the car" and "don't do it," but it is not clear if she is talking to the police, her husband, or alternately to both.  So bottom line: the facts are unclear in both events, especially the one in Charlotte. The officer who shot Keith White in Charlotte is also African-American and by all accounts an outstanding young man, a former football star and graduate of Liberty...(Read Full Post)