Where is Obama While Louisiana Floods and Milwaukee Burns?

The media attacked George Bush for his reaction to the 2006 Katrina floods as if he had caused the floods, even though it was clear that the delay and confusion in the rescue of victims was caused by the incompetence of Democrat mayor Nagin of New Orleans and Democrat Governor Bianco  of Louisiana. Now we have flooding again, with over 40,000 homes damaged and more tens of thousands who had to evacuate. Yet there is no mention by the corrupt media about the reaction of Obama.   Imagine the stories by the corrupt media if George Bush were now president and he was vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard and playing golf.  Yet Obama is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, and in between golf rounds, he is  releasing 15 terrorists from Gitmo who will most certainly join their fellow terrorists to kill Americans and Israelis, and campaigning for Hillary. And while Milwaukee burns, Obama does nothing to try to heal the racial divisions, and...(Read Full Post)