What happened to those $ millions from the Bernie Sanders campaign?

For those who want to get rich off of politics, the surest racket is to become the media buyer for a major campaign. For the underwhelming task of actually buying television airtime and print space, one receives a huge commission of 15%. If a campaign spends ten million bucks on television advertising, the buyer gets a million and a half. For the Bernie Sanders campaign, which raised over $90 million, who received this generous bounty? In the VTDigger, a CPA named Don Kellan looked into the question. (hat tip: Clarice Feldman) If there is anyone reading this column who might have donated $5, $10 or $25 to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, you may want to take note of what goes on at a house at 4507 Penwood Drive, Alexandria, Virginia. The 1988 vintage, 2,700-square-foot, $550,000 house, located on a cul-de-sac in a subdivision just off a major highway, is also the legal address for a media company that was created on April 8, 2014, Old Towne Media LLC. It is not...(Read Full Post)