Trump’s strategy on race issues

Why did Donald Trump give a speech about how the Democrats have failed black Americans in a city that is the seat of a county with a black population of only 0.4%?  Trump could have spoken in Milwaukee County, just across the county line to the southeast, where blacks are over 24% of the county's population.  A speech delivered there might have been taken more seriously by the black media and been less ridiculed by the mainstream media. Since the choice of venues for this prepared text looked ill advised upon first glance, I began to wonder.  Might black America not be the intended target of this speech?  The answer might be found in this fact.  In the April Wisconsin primary, Ted Cruz's margin of victory in Washington County, Wisconsin was almost 39 percentage points, a complete blowout.  Total Republican primary voters also outnumbered Democrat voters by three to one in the county, and total turnout was unusually high for any primary...(Read Full Post)