The Potemkin Village candidacy of Hillary Clinton

The election is still weeks away but you wouldn’t know it from the various and sundry MSM toadies out-mugging each other on TV crowing that Hillary Clinton has already been elected queen of the universe. After all, the polls prove it. Science, baby, science!

Clumsy moves on the chessboard? Wishful thinking pushed to delusional levels? Smoke-and-mirrors? All of the above?

Suppose for the sake of argument that Hillary Clinton loses the election. Where does she go from there? Frankly, nowhere. She will not run for office again for the simple reason that the party will only be too happy to forget all about the Clintons and would refuse to support Hillary for any elected office, not even town clerk in Yonkers.

No matter what MSM clowns tell you, Clinton is a lipstick-on-a-pig candidate. Any other Democrat (never mind Republican) with such a pathetic resume would never even be considered as the party’s standard bearer. Any other Democrat would have been slapped silly by FBI Director Comey and offed to jail in an orange pants suit.

So, were she to lose the election, Hillary Clinton would have to “settle” for hard cash. The tons of it flowing into the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation would then be used to support a life style of the rich and famous for the would-be-queen of the universe and her elderly consort nearing decrepitude.

On second thought, maybe not. Who, after all, would be foolish enough to continue kicking in big bucks so Queen Hillary can gallivant around the world, Bubba in tow to sample more nubile “assistants”? The pay-for-play option, including Bill’s hefty speaking fees, would vanish five minutes after Trump is declared president.

The Clintons would probably move their slush fund to a bank in the Caymans, close down the “Foundation,” fire the poor suckers who helped run it, and then retire to a life of leisure in Belize or some such place. The IRS wouldn’t bother hassling them down there. Too busy loislernering applications from conservative non-profits.

For a lot of Americans, retiring in Belize would be a very attractive prospect indeed. It’s a beautiful country, only a short flight from Miami, a good place to get lost and sink into a life of anonymity at a comparatively cheap price. Bubba could entertain the local talent to his heart’s content, until it gave out, that is.

After so many years of hogging the spotlight, anonymity would be the kiss of death for the Clintons. No more sycophantic screeds in the pages the New York Times; no more soft-ball interviews on CNN, MSNBC or 60 Minutes; Obama more than likely would not invite the former White House occupants to the opening of his presidential library.

So, all this dust being kicked up by the MSM amounts to a sort of Potemkin Village, the façade the Soviets developed back in the thirties to deceive outsiders into believing that life in the workers’ paradise was just grand. It should come as no surprise, of course, to see the Democrat Party borrowing from the Soviet propaganda tool chest.

Will it work? It depends. The Trump campaign should counter by pointing out the obvious, again and again. Clinton is a total phony. There is no there there. It’s all smoke and mirrors. She’s being propped up by the machine known as the MSM, now aided and abetted by pollsters spinning their statistical wheels until the “right” answer is cooked up.

In a few weeks, we’ll have the obligatory debates. The deck will be stacked just as it was against Romney. Trump can avoid being candycrowleyed by going on the offense if any moderator shows the slightest partiality. He should ignore the rules and take charge, even try out his famous line: “Megyn Kelly, yer fired!”

As to how to handle Clinton, the policy proposals she has made so far – foreign as well as domestic – are absurd. The Donald should borrow a tactic Joe Biden used successfully against Paul Ryan: Laugh out loud at the silly answers Clinton coughs up. Her candidacy is a bad joke and should not be taken seriously.

Oh, and here’s my message to Republican cabals directly or indirectly helping Clinton with NeverTrump noise, counting on a better shot in 2020. You’re delusional. Clinton will not be throwing any juicy bones your way. The billets of her administration have already been filled. So, wise up, boys and girls, before it’s too late.