The edge of darkness

As election day approaches, I feel a dark premonition that we are about to lose our freedoms.  The portents are all too clear.  If Hillary Clinton takes the Oval Office, she will impose by executive order a list of so-called Progressive measures that will be worse than any of the many scandals by which her character has been revealed over the years.  There is no lie she will not tell, no crime she will not commit, and no freedom she will not usurp. Perhaps the most central of all our freedoms is the Second Amendment.  It is the one that gives us actual physical power over a would-be tyranny.  Without it, all the other freedoms become forfeit, as so many of them already have.  Progressives are all too aware of this fact.  The power of the Second Amendment was dramatically demonstrated by armed citizens against armed federal officials, and the federal officials had to retreat.  It happened in an incident known as the Cliven Bundy standoff in...(Read Full Post)