Look before you rig

During his pre-vacation news conference (August 4, 2016) President Obama found time to mock Donald Trump's concerns regarding the fairness of the electoral process: "Of course the elections will not be rigged.  What does that mean?" Well, "to rig" stands for "to manipulate fraudulently."  In case of an electoral fraud, the term refers to all kind of illegal interference with the procedure. In the course of the press conference, Obama was asked by a reporter: "Are you worried that comments like this can erode the American public's faith in the outcome of the elections?," as if one statement of Trump's opinion could reduce voters' confidence in democracy more than eight years of cozenage and disrespect for laws and values. As observed by Sean Hannity: "We did learn the DNC rigged a system with super-delegates, and the DNC was fully behind Hillary Clinton the entire way, and the e-mails proved...(Read Full Post)