Look before you rig

During his pre-vacation news conference (August 4, 2016) President Obama found time to mock Donald Trump's concerns regarding the fairness of the electoral process: "Of course the elections will not be rigged.  What does that mean?"

Well, "to rig" stands for "to manipulate fraudulently."  In case of an electoral fraud, the term refers to all kind of illegal interference with the procedure.

In the course of the press conference, Obama was asked by a reporter: "Are you worried that comments like this can erode the American public's faith in the outcome of the elections?," as if one statement of Trump's opinion could reduce voters' confidence in democracy more than eight years of cozenage and disrespect for laws and values.

As observed by Sean Hannity: "We did learn the DNC rigged a system with super-delegates, and the DNC was fully behind Hillary Clinton the entire way, and the e-mails proved that."

A nation warned is a nation half-saved, so no wonder that we the folks "wanna pop off and have an opinion."  While we are fixin' to vote, we will notice if elections are being fixed.

In 2014, BuzzFeed News observed that Obama said the world "folks" more than any president since 1929, but he acts as unaware that our grandmothers taught us our folk wisdom and in trying times we won't quit trying.  In recent years, the Obama administration tried to turn some old proverbs into "It takes a good many mainstream media shovelfuls to bury the truth" and "A taxpayer is the only animal that can be skinned more than once."  Well, there's old wisdom the government did not manage to re-program: we know that a good cause finds weapons to defend it.

Other than his inaugural "Let us pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, and remake America," Obama is not into proverbs.  Maybe because whenever angered, "folks" in the South say: "Keep it up, and I will cancel your birth certificate."

Electoral fraud is not only about multiple recording of votes, ballot-stuffing, or getting rid of ballots for the "unfit" candidate.  In fair elections, a small Wikileak will sink a big ship, and silence of the media means consent.  Right now, adversity makes Donald Trump, prosperity makes Hillary Clinton, and in terms of coverage, the procedure that should be unbiased looks like dictatorial show elections, where only "the candidate" can win.  Procedure of "gatekeeping" assures "distilled" information, additionally censored through a common selective attention strategy known as cherry-picking.

The media brand Trump's comment on rigged elections as "dangerous," but it seems there's no need to raise alarm when Hillary Clinton receives donations from George Soros who considers that Europe should not only finance the flood of refugees, but also, as stressed by the U.K. Express, "place refugees where they want to go."  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton anticipates that "we are going to follow the money" and, unfazed by shameful evidence, boasts: "Look at my record."  Media reports are quoting Clinton: "We have a Republican nominee who is anti-immigrant," but they don't worry if a candidate is anti-American and should run for presidency on a different continent.

Referring to candidate Clinton's endless and crude lies, Charles Krauthammer certainly has a point: "What she needs are lying lessons from her husband," but both Obama and Clinton simply don't care how bare-faced and arrogant their fibs are: even if the dumb folks won't buy it, they'll be forced to accept the government's lack of accountability.  Many of Obama's statements are overtly insulting and provocative.  He blows his own unvetted horn: "As far as Mr. Trump, we are going to go by the law, which is that both tradition and the law that if somebody's a nominee, the Republican nominee for president, they need to get a security briefing so that if they were to win they are not starting from scratch in terms of being prepared for this office."

Electoral fraud starts not when ballots are tampered with; it starts with manipulation, corruption, and propaganda, so the rig may be on, but the jig is up.

During the DNC, both Obama and Clinton proved that they are not only disregarding, but also underestimating the fact that an election is a formal decision-making processes by which people choose an individual to hold public office.  Some of the angry supporters of Bernie Sanders were storming out of the convention, some threatened to de-register from the party, and some hopefully understood the message: if you act like a donkey, don't complain when Hillary Clinton rides you.  It's people and not the politicians who elect, and it depends only on people if they are willing to accept an imposed candidate – or not.  The rest is history of leaders and tyrants who were given power or were brought down whenever people were really fed up.

A man is as big as the things that made him mad, and it looks as though Donald Trump and many "folks" are angry for all the right and world-size reasons.

During the DNC, Obama accorded himself a selfie moment: "I stand before you tonight after two terms as your president to tell you that I am more optimistic about the future of your country than ever before.  How could I not be?”

Thanks for sharing, but as our "folks" say in our country: after eight years, we are so broke that we can't afford to pay attention.

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