Let’s pause Islamic immigration and discuss

When a gunman killed children in Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, the media dragged us along on a two-week “national conversation” in an attempt to ban guns.  Now, after years of Muslims killing Americans at Fort Hood, an Orlando night club, a Boston marathon, San Bernardino, etc., we are still waiting for the national conversation to begin on “what’s wrong with Islam.”  In fact, they have used reaction to the Trump-Khan exchanges to create a phony taboo against approaching the topic.  A ban on importing semi-automatic rifles would win a vote among Democrats in a heartbeat, and they would ignore the fact that most of them would never be used to harm anyone, and a few would even be used to protect and defend innocent lives in a crisis.  But they brand anyone a bigot who suggests stopping the flow of vast populations of people, some of whom would use those weapons to kill us all.

There can be no doubt that if Presbyterians and Methodists were sawing heads off non-believers a dozen at a time, we’d be treated to endless talking head discussions about “What’s wrong with Christianity?”  So let’s get the national discussion started on the problems with Islam. 

Here’s one idea, just to get things rolling.  For every adult American Muslim like Captain Khan (and I hope everyone can agree he is a genuine American hero) who wears the uniform in the U.S. Armed Forces, there are 15 Muslim Americans who have a favorable view of al-Qaeda.[*]  For every Captain Khan in our military, there are hundreds of monsters in the Middle East like the ones who built and set off the bomb that killed him and thousands more who approve.  So the risk-reward odds are heavily stacked against favorable outcomes resulting from Muslim immigration to the U.S.  The chances we’ll find another hero like Captain Khan in the crowd are low.  Meanwhile, judging from Europe’s experience, the probability of turning loose an army of murderers and rapists on our streets is high.  It’s like blindly digging for treasure in a mine field.  Further, even if we find Muslim immigrants devoted to peace, our own American experience shows that the odds are surprisingly high that their children will be radicalized just a few years from now. 

We would have been better served if the DNC had invited some surviving victims of jihad to the podium to share their views on importing terrorists.  Some of those folks who lost their legs or eyesight at the Boston Marathon, or the victims of Muslim misogyny and rape, might also have an interesting opinion or two to share.  And all of those victims of Muslim terror would have been able to deliver their opinions with a level of moral gravitas equal to Captain Khan’s father.

Why hasn’t the DNC taken this problem as seriously as gun control?  I suspect that it’s because Muslims vote overwhelmingly Democrat.   This appears to be yet another case of the Democrat contrarian strategy: the government elects a new people.  And if the new Democrats exterminate the old non-Democrats, that works even better for them.

[*] Of the approximately 1.8 million adult American Muslims, about 6,000, or 0.33% are members of the Armed Forces.  Five percent have a favorable view of al-Qaeda, so the ratio is 15 to 1.