Hillary’s secret weapon: Pokemon?

In order to protect both their progressive worldview and the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, several tech industry leaders appear to have turned to censorship (Twitter, Facebook, Apple, etc.) in a desperate attempt to silence conservatives using social media.  If these former capitalists were truly as smart as they think they are, they would instead team up with Niantic and capitalize on the new Pokémon Go phenomenon to help ensure a Hillary victory. While it takes Democrat activists in local government to prevent Trump rallies from filling up, Hillary rallies continue to remain fairly empty.  But the solution to Hillary’s problem is really quite a simple one.  Have Niantic tweak the game so these highly sought after Pokémon are located at all of the remaining Hillary rallies.  Don’t believe this strategy would work?  An increasing number of injuries and trespassing complaints associated with this game says otherwise....(Read Full Post)