Hillary’s secret weapon: Pokemon?

In order to protect both their progressive worldview and the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, several tech industry leaders appear to have turned to censorship (Twitter, Facebook, Apple, etc.) in a desperate attempt to silence conservatives using social media.  If these former capitalists were truly as smart as they think they are, they would instead team up with Niantic and capitalize on the new Pokémon Go phenomenon to help ensure a Hillary victory.

While it takes Democrat activists in local government to prevent Trump rallies from filling up, Hillary rallies continue to remain fairly empty.  But the solution to Hillary’s problem is really quite a simple one.  Have Niantic tweak the game so these highly sought after Pokémon are located at all of the remaining Hillary rallies.  Don’t believe this strategy would work?  An increasing number of injuries and trespassing complaints associated with this game says otherwise.  It’s clear that Pokémon Go players will do almost anything – including showing up at a boring Hillary rally to capture these virtual creatures.

Thousands of people holding out smartphones with mindless looks on their faces would fit right in at a Hillary rally just as they as they would at any other cult gathering.  But Niantic wouldn’t be able to stop there.  Once people captured the strategically placed Pokémon, they would either quickly lose interest and move on to find the next one or fall asleep, as Bill Clinton appears to have done during Hillary’s acceptance speech.  To keep the crowd “engaged” and in place, a constant influx of Pokémon placed directly in front of the podium (as an added bonus, they won’t actually be paying attention to what Hillary is saying) would be required. 

Finally, on Election Day, Niantic could seal the deal by using Pokémon to lure players to the polls and then offer bonus points for checking the box next to a Pokémon superimposed over the name Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Combined with a mainstream media that is pro-Hillary (is there anyone left that doesn’t recognize the Democrats and MSM are as one?), censorship, and finding new ways to register more felons and illegal aliens to vote, Pokémon Go would give Hillary an excellent shot at winning this thing in November.  And actually look popular while doing so.

Scott blogs at www.politiseeds.com.