Hillary's history versus Trump's words

On Monday, fifty so-called "prominent" Republicans announced they are not voting for Trump.  Many of them served in the Bush 43 administration, such as Michael Hayden and Tom Ridge, former Pennsylvania governor.  Seems  they are all upset that Trump said the Iraq War was a mistake and that Bush lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction as the reason for the war. Tuesday, economist Thomas Sowell joined the chorus of those too good to vote for Trump, who can live with Hillary as president but cannot live with  Trump. The reasoning of these quisling Republicans is ridiculous and illogical. They all say Hillary will appoint hard-core lefties to the Supreme Court, who will weaken the First Amendment by overruling Citizens United and weaken the Second Amendment by upholding all regulations on the possession and carrying of guns.  They all say Hillary is a crook who endangered our national security with her emails.  They all say...(Read Full Post)