Hell with Article 50! Brexit means Brexit!

Brexit means that the British people have already clearly signaled that we are no longer under EU law.  We are under British law as enacted at Westminster and promulgated by Royal Assent.  All these EU laws and directives have been declared null and void by the people.  A lot of M.P.s and civil servants have just not twigged on to that as yet.  Brexit already is! Article 50 is a part of EU law.  It is designed to be a delaying operation.  It is not part of British law.  We simply need to declare that we have left the EU, to which rightly we never belonged, and to stop paying in the £10 billion a year, or whatever is the exact net figure. Since the NHS is in immediate crisis, with talk of cutting hospitals, it is even more imperative that we stop supporting a monstrous bureaucracy that has nothing to do with us. So Project Fear has now, within two months, proven to be a busted flush.  The FTSE has held up and the pound has gone...(Read Full Post)