Guess who is coming to dinner with Raul Castro!

As the world turns, we are watching some rather amazing things in year 8 of "hope and change": First, kids are killed in Aleppo, and those lives don't seem to matter to anyone, especially anyone at the Obama White House. Two, Russian planes are taking off from Iranian bases. Third, Cuban dissidents are in jail rather than doing the wave at a baseball game.  Fourth, Iran's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, is starting off his tour of Latin America with a stop in Havana.  (By the way, Raúl Castro will greet this visitor at the airport.  Unlike President Obama, who was greeted by a low-level Cuban official, the Iranian visitor will get to shake hands with Raúl.)    Is this how we were supposed to be respected around the world?  Or is this the smart foreign policy we were promised? Let's take a look:  Iran's foreign minister kicked off a Latin American tour Sunday in Havana, saying the...(Read Full Post)