GOP activists feel betrayed by Trump's Ryan endorsement

When Donald Trump did what he had to do and endorsed Speaker Paul Ryan for re-election, he cut the legs out from underneath conservative activists who were working to defeat him. Heavy hitters like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh had all expressed the hope that Ryan would lose to his primary opponent Paul Nehlen. But party activists working against Ryan, expressed disappointment and anger at Trump for what one referred to as a sell out. Washington Times: The trio of endorsements — especially the one for Mr. Ryan — shocked some of Mr. Trump’s diehard supporters. “He has broken our heart doing this tonight,” said Trump supporter Sue Payne, a conservative activist working to defeat Mr. Ryan. “We finally thought we had a voice to stand up against the RINO establishment. He sold us out,” she said. “What happened tonight is the establishment got their claws in him and they are pulling...(Read Full Post)