Fitness test for the presidency

President Obama thinks Donald Trump is unfit to be president!  He may well be, but he is certainly no more unfit than Obama was in 2008 or has proven to be in office these past seven years. Trump does react to certain stimuli like a rat in a cage: criticize him, and he lashes out like a dog whose bone has been ripped from his salivating mouth.  He has no filter, no sense of propriety, no instinct for the game of politics.  And a game it surely is.  He does not know or care to learn the rules.  It is likely that is how he has become the unlikely Republican nominee.  There are millions and millions of Americans who are sick to death of the game.  The establishment pols on both sides have never given these people, Trump's supporters, the time of day outside election seasons.  The pols pander, promise, lie, and mock the people they expect to vote for them.  And now the powers that be are shocked that they have nominated a...(Read Full Post)