Explaining the one-sided anti-Trump criticism of your friends

There is an odd movement afoot.  There seems to be entire ZIP codes of our co-workers and neighbors, Facebook friends and peers attacking only Donald Trump, without leveling a single critique against Hillary Clinton.  It appears that a great swath of our tender electorate prioritize embarrassment or having their feelings hurt as a more significant problem than dealing with the actual order of evil itself.  Even well organized evil, well financed evil, unsupportable evil as well as unrestrained or shameless evil is not as important to them as the perception or pretense of appearing uncouth to their peers. I am no Trump fan.  Trump is a boorish lout.  Understood.  He is habitually and perhaps clinically as abrasive as an oral surgical saw.  The wet, wooden dry rot of his speech violates all of the well combed etiquette and dinner manners most of us were raised on these last 25 sensitive years, but he is not...(Read Full Post)