Did Clinton emails doom Iranian nuke scientist to death?

One of the non-classified Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department last year may have convinced the Iranian government that a nuclear scientist who claimed he was kidnapped by the CIA was actually a defector and spy for the US. At the time that the email was released, the press picked up on the bizarre story. CNN: New Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department appear to lift the curtain on the bizarre circumstances surrounding Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist who claims to have been abducted by the CIA. The just-released emails, which were sent to Clinton back in 2010, seem to support what State Department sources have long maintained: that Amiri was not abducted, but a defector and paid informant who changed his mind about helping the U.S. The emails also appear to offer insight into the department's plans to get Amiri back to Iran safely. Amiri's complicated story began in 2009, when he mysteriously disappeared while...(Read Full Post)