Biden speaks in Turkey. Ouch.

The U.S. is in a tight spot, mostly of its own making, as regards relations with post-coup attempt Turkey.  And Vice President Joe Biden just made it tighter, slandering Americans in the process. U.S. forces at Turkey’s Incirlik air base – which contains American nuclear weapons – are operating under close to siege conditions.  At least one government-aligned Turkish newspaper suggested that the nukes be confiscated by Ankara, and Turkey’s prime minister announced that Incirlik is open to other countries fighting ISIS – specifically including Russia.  The need to shore up U.S.-Turkish relations is clear. But at what cost?  Biden’s groveling to the Turkish government was cringe-worthy and destructive of American ends.  First, he threatened Kurdish forces with a loss of American support.  They “cannot, will not, and under no circumstances will get American support if they do not keep” what he said...(Read Full Post)