What Hillary believes

Now that the performances at the DNC are over and the scripts have been retired to the memory hole, it is worthwhile reviewing what Hillary believes as we go into the election campaign... She believes that the police are occupying black communities and that they need reeducation to stop shooting black men for no good reason She believes that all of white America is at fault on race and needs reeducation She believes that the needs of teachers’ unions come first in managing public education She believes that Common Core is a good program She believes that the southern border should be left open and that illegal immigrants here now should be amnestied She believes that the immigration of Muslims from radical countries in the Middle East should be increased by five. She believes that ObamaCare is good policy. She believes that BLM is a legitimate movement. She was in favor of TPP. It appears that Trump has forced her to recant on this. She believed it was...(Read Full Post)