The real reason RINOs don't support Trump

I find a strange "begs the question" situation when I see people like George Will "leave" the party and many other prominent players say that not only will they not support Trump, but they may even vote for Hillary.

That basic question is, why would you abandon a candidate who actually could win if the entire Republican Party would get behind him and instead see to it that Hillary wins?  Although current polling shows Hillary leading, Trump is within striking distance. 

They give the reason is that not only will Trump lose, but he will also harm down-ticket races.  I have my doubts about that, but in any case, he's running, so that effect is what it will be.  Why would you completely drop the effort to win when it is still winnable?

The real choice then becomes support Trump, and he just might win, or fight him, and he'll almost surely lose.  What logic is in that?  Republicans who oppose Trump act as though their reason is that they want him to lose so they can say, "See, we told you" and prove to everyone they were right all along.

But that is not the main reason.

If we step back a second, the answer is clear.  They are starting to see that Trump will actually win.  And if that happens, their gravy train is over.  The name Karl Rove will never be heard again, just as one example, and their grip on the reins of power in the Republican Party will end.

So these great "Republicans" are willing to sell the party and the country down the river to block the will of a large percentage of voters, many of whom want guys like them tossed out at the earliest opportunity, and let Hillary win, just so they can maintain power.

They are zombies walking.  They just don't know it yet.