The Obamacare mess #45 will inherit

We've posted before about the foreign policy and jobs challenges that the next president will face.  Let's add Obamacare to that growing list of problems President Obama did not address – or, as they say, swept under the rug.   

We got more bad news about the Obamacare exchanges, via The Daily Signal:

Another Obamacare co-op, Connecticut’s HealthyCT, is closing its doors, and at least two most could follow suit as the nonprofit insurers decide whether they will be able to remain on firm financial footing.

The nine remaining co-ops of the original 23 co-ops must make payments totaling at least $130 million through Obamacare’s risk adjustment program, which could damage their viability.

The Connecticut Insurance Department announced Tuesday that HealthyCT was placed under state supervision, leaving approximately 40,000 Connecticut residents to find new health insurance during the next open enrollment period.

HealthyCT is the 14th co-op created under Obamacare to fail since the health care law’s exchanges opened in 2013.

And more dominoes will fall.   

ObamaCare can no longer survive on its own, unless the next president and Congress are willing to make huge capital injections (i.e., taxes) or dismantle the program and start from square one.    

President Obama irresponsibly allowed this to happen, and the media permitted him to do it.  Where are the media reports about promises made and not kept?  Where is the media asking questions about the incompetence of those who created and managed Obamacare?

President #45 won't have the luxury of sweeping it under the rug.  Instead, #45 will have to tackle the problem head on, and it won't have a pretty ending for those who got subsidies to get policies.

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