The key question for Comey

Ever since Rep. Jason Chaffetz responded with incredulity after learning from the FBI’s Director Comey that absent a specific referral, the FBI would not look into Hillary Clinton’s sworn testimony before Congress, we have known that the FBI wore blinders during its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.  The implications of that conclusion are starting to sink in. Scott Johnson of Powerline posts an email he received from a longtime reader who has a background in federal law enforcement and has worked with the FBI.  First, the reader demolishes Comey’s agnosticism on criminal intent: Among other questions that have not been publicly addressed by Director Comey: what WAS her intent in setting up these computer networks in the first place? It obviously wasn’t “convenience,” as Clinton ludicrously claimed when this issue first arose. If your aim is “convenience,” the most convenient thing to do would be to...(Read Full Post)