Job title: Official Scapegoat?

In 2005, Timothy O’Brien wrote a book on Donald Trump, who sued him for billions because O’Brien claimed Trump was not worth anything close to what he claimed to be worth.  The case was dismissed, but not before the discovery process was underway.  Trump was deposed about some of the financial claims made in his own 2004 book, How to Get Rich.  When Trump could not confirm the accuracy of some numbers in his own book, guess who was blamed?  Check out lines 11-25 on page 117 (lower right quadrant) of the document embedded in O'Brien's tweet for a name from Wednesday news cycle, the ghostwriter Meredith McIver.

I don't know if I have ever seen the job title Official Scapegoat in any staff directory.  I wonder what it pays.  Of course, if she's been with Trump all these years, she has to be the best at what she does.