Jews loyal to Democrat disloyalty

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Many American Jews are more loyal to the Democratic Party than to their religion.  Their historical opposition, the Muslims, are totally committed to the Muslim religion.  How are we, a few Jews, going to stand up to the multitudinous Muslims when we care more about a political party that despises us than about Judaism?

Twenty-six years ago, Hillary screamed, "You f------ Jew b------" at her husband's campaign manager, Paul Fray.  A big deal?  Maybe.

But Trump gets more grief for printing a star next to a picture of Hillary.  The Jews don't know how to hate people who hate them or how to like someone like Trump who is on their side.  They don't sense the stench of Hillary's dislike.

Hillary has favored Palestinians throughout her career.  She has wandered around as secretary of state in anti-Semitic, pro-Muslim Obama's administration.  She favored the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and protects her personal assistant, Huma Abedin, despite the Abedin family's radical roots.

Doesn't it matter that Hillary works for an anti-Semitic president and that she accepts millions into the Clinton Foundation from terrorist countries?

What has Trump done wrong?  Print a picture of a Jewish star.  As Bill Clinton said about Obama, "give me a break."

Hillary worked in Obama's administration even after Obama told Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu that he would blow his planes out of the sky if he tried to decimate Iran's nuclear reactors.

Thus, Obama has set up Iran's future ability to annihilate Israel with nukes.  And Hillary  has fostered Obama rather than confront him.

It doesn't  surprise me that roughly seventy-five percent of the Jews voted for anti-Semitic Obama and that probably a similar number would back their enemy – Hillary.

Pro-Jewish Trump, who has done nothing but been supportive of Israel and furious at Islamic radicals, is enjoying less support from the self-destructive Jews.  Jews are Democrats first.

I would trade in my Jew card if it weren't that I felt my people need a few reasonable Jews to live among them.  In my rap album, "The Renegade Jew," which is still on YouTube, I presented a strong Jew rather than a sucker for Obama/Hillary self-destruction.

Hillary has always been a sucker for Palestinian rights, regardless of whether or not their idiot fathers strap suicide vests to their children.  She is a feminist who, just accidentally in absentia of rebuke, supports sharia law and Arab female circumcision.

Sidney Blumenthal, who has worked for the Clintons and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars, harbors a virulent anti-Semitic son, Max.

When Elie Wiesel died, Max couldn't help but tweet his hatred for Wiesel.  Max called Elie Wiesel a supporter of "war crimes" who "should not be honored."

Dolly Kyle, author of Hillary the Other Woman, excoriated the press for accusing Trump of anti-Semitism when he printed a Jewish star but ignored Hillary's involvement with anti-Israel figures.

Hillary called Max Blumenthal's screeds against Jews "smart writing."

Dolly Kyle accuses the Clintons of racial slurs against blacks and Jews.  Imagine if Trump were even accused of that.  He'd be booted out of pre-office.

Kyle also points out that Hillary approved of the sale of $29 million in fighter jets to Saudi Arabia.  Hillary plotted to get rid of stabilizing Moammar Gaddafi and arm ISIS.  Her Clinton Foundation was basically supported by ISIS and terrorists who hate Israel.

Trump, unlike Hillary, has always stuck up for Israel as a very important ally.  He says he will protect them one hundred percent.

Trump does what he says – unlike Obama and Hillary, who lie for sport.  He has built hundreds of buildings.  She decorated her house.  Hillary wrote a socialistic treatise, "It Takes a Village." 

But she and Obama have built a village of lies and a failed incestuous country.  She should not be president.  Particularly not of the Jews.