Iraq and race relations dominate in year eight of Obama

We are counting down to the end of the Obama presidency.  Only six months remain. I wonder who voted for Obama in 2008 thinking that Iraq and race relations would dominate the front pages at the end of his presidency.  In other words, this is not what "hope and change" had in store for year eight. Over in Iraq, reality is forcing President Obama to send U.S. troops, even if in a support role, as reported by the New York Times: President Obama will send 560 more troops to Iraq to help retake Mosul, the largest city still controlled by the Islamic State, a deployment intended to capitalize on recent battlefield gains that also illustrates the obstacles that Mr. Obama has faced in trying to wind down America’s wars. The additional troops, announced here on Monday by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, are the latest escalation of the American military role in Iraq by Mr. Obama, who withdrew the last American soldiers from Iraq at the end...(Read Full Post)